Hi there!

My name is Mohammed Al Hariri, Founder of The Review Studio and my mission was to accept it is that I’m not only an Civil Engineer but also I’m an Entrepreneur in eCommerce and a blogger.
Because of my Introvert natural abilities, I like to blog as choosing for my friends and family the best products, movies and educating them some of my engineering experiences so they can gain the knowledge and because of that review habit, I’m going to blog about products and movies in my new review studio but for now, I’m going to review Movies as they’re like to me a miracle of storytelling in the 21st Century.
Plus I’m going to place on the website free movies either daily or weekly so you can get entertained! Note also that if any studio would like to remove their content from my site, I would happily to do to respect their wishes but just to be formal I have sent emails to Netflix and Marvel (still the other studios I haven’t sent) just in case before doing any DMCA (Takedown Notice) kindly reach out to me and we can discuss business.
I would like to ask if you just please visit, subscribe and share my site to everyone you know @www.thereviewstudio.com as I’m going to convert my site to a movie review website with free movies online merging with movie related merchandise very soon.
See ya soon !
Yours Truly,