I might change the site to a movie online platform.

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Hi there everyone!

Just yesterday night (30-3-2018), I had another perspective to do and that was to shift The Review Studio from being a movie reviewer site to a watching movie online platform like Netflix and Hulu. Why, you would be asking me, did you take such move? Well, one that the Review Studio wasn’t getting any attention no blog hits means that very few people are looking at the site. Second, no matter what the Review Studio has, it just feels…empty; it’s like there’s no content and the idea came to me when I saw Netflix, Hulu, and recently WAVO. Even the Facebook page of the site isn’t getting any insights or sharing and I don’t want to risk to promote FB ad and get nothing in return. Thirdly wouldn’t be wonderful to let people actually watch your video library the movies that they love?

So my question is this;

where should I start? and should I go along with it or not? What do you think?



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